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What You Need To Know, Now!

What to Expect From a Home Inspection for Real Estate in Toronto Canada to Ajax Houses for Sale

It's important to understand what a home inspection can do for you. GPC Home Inspections Inc. strives to inform you What You Need to Know, Now! However, we do not 'pass' or 'fail' a house during a home inspection.

The process of buying a house is extremely exciting, but can also be long, complicated, and sometimes overwhelming. If you have made an offer on a house, conditional on a home inspection, then you have probably visited the house more than once and have found that fits your taste and your budget. GPC Home Inspections Inc. inspects the house to identify the existing systems and components within the home. GPC Home Inspections Inc. also identifies deficiencies relating to the house, and provides you information on some of the maintenance issues that require attention prior to or immediately after you take possession of the house. After the inspection, you review the inspection findings and make the final decision on whether to sign off the home inspection condition or not.

Your home inspection includes the completion of the HomeReportTM, a professional home inspection report that includes both the inspection findings as well as information to assist you with living successfully in your home. The report includes detailed reporting sheets, high quality professional systems drawings with supportive, easy to understand text, and many other unique features that are sure to benefit you.

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